Thursday, April 20, 2017

AT Museum Volunteer Newsletter - April 2017

April 2017
Brought to you by Nathaniel "Angry Bird" Shank, Appalachian Trail Museum Manager

Thanks to the boy scouts of Troop #430 from Delaware County for a new walkway! 

You can also check out the photos of our new walkway on our facebook page HERE

New hiking stick medallions added to our store items.


Flip Flop Festival/ April 22nd & 23rd

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy will be hosting its third annual Flip Flop Festival on April 22nd in Harper's Ferry, WV. There will be music, raffles, vendors, workshops, kids activities, pack shakedowns, and more...

For more information click: HERE


Volunteer Picnic/ April 29th @ AT Museum!!!

This picnic (Pot Luck) will be held at the furnace stack pavilion behind the museum. If you volunteer or are interested at all feel free to attend. You can also find our "to bring" signup list at: Volunteer Picnic


CVVB US Army Heritage Center seeking volunteers!

Also check out the CVVB video on YouTube


AT Hall of Fame Banquet/ June 2nd

Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau will be receiving the "Partnership Appreciation Award" at the banquet this year. More information can be found HERE

To register and attend the banquet click here: Hall Of Fame Banquet


AT Hiker Festival/ June 3rd

First I would like to announce that this year our festival will be funded by a grant from Sandy Hollow Arts and Recreation for the Environment (SHARE). They have been very generous and deserve a big thanks for everything they are funding for us this year.

The funding will be going toward our musicians, signage, advertising for the event, and the needs for our activities. Among our kids activities there will be mountain music by the Buc Hill Aces. We will also have a few speakers to talk about books that they have authored about the Appalachian Trail. 

A better schedule of event will be out soon. The event will last from 11 A.M. to approx... 3:30 P.M.
The SignUp that has been created for the festival can be found here: Hiker Festival

Also Very Important...

Saturday morning/ June 3rd, from 9 AM to 11 AM, Pine Grove Furnace State Park will also be hosting a special event for children by the Fred Rodgers Co./PBS WITF/“Daniel Tiger.”


Angry Bird Trail Stories

Because I had dropped my phone in the creek on my first day out on the trail my phone had not been very operational. I was still able to charge it and take photos but was not getting cell tower reception. So it was not until two weeks into my hike in Rangeley(?) Maine that I decided to call home from another phone that did work!!!

It was very freeing to not know what was going on back home but some of my family wondered if I was still alive.

Sight near Horns Pond Lean-tos. What you do not see in this photo is the baby moose that kept me awake all night by crying and running around the shelter looking for its mother. 

My phone did end up working eventually and still works to this day. It has survived falling into water, snow, onto rocks, mud, getting rained on, stepped on, extreme heat in the Mojave, extreme cold in Yosemite, and the list goes on... It has been around with me for the AT, PCT, Via Alpina and I continue to use it for taking pictures for this newsletter. 


Down the Trail
April 22// Flip Flop Festival @ ATC Headquarters in Harpers Ferry WV
April 29// Volunteer Picnic
June 3// Hiker Festival

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