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AT Museum Volunteer Newsletter - April 2018

March 2018
Brought to you by Nathaniel "Angry Bird" Shank, Appalachian Trail Museum Manager

New Mail/Register Box on 2018 Halfway Sign

Check out our new donation box. (feeding bear is not recommended in the wild)


Important Reminders

Hall Of Fame Banquet & Festival May 4th & 5th

          On May 4th we will be at the Allenberry Resort Inn, located in Boiling Springs, PA. The evening will begin with a reception at 6 pm, followed by the banquet at 7 pm. The Buc Hill Aces will be our musical entertainment for the night.

2018 Appalachian Trail Hall Of Fame Inductees

Click Here For Tickets To The 2018 Hall Of Fame Banquet

We have established a special email address for questions concerning the Appalachian Trail Hall Of Fame Banquet: atmbanquet@gmail.com

Hall Of Fame Festival May 5th
          On May 5th the Festival will be held at the Pine Grove Furnace State Park. The picnic lunch is open to the public free of charge, but donations are welcome.


AT Flip-Flop Festival

          April 28th & 29th in Harpers Ferry, WV. Anyone interested in volunteering to man a display at events like this one please let me know by email at manager@atmuseum.com.


AT Museum Library Help

          A crew of volunteers will be needed to attach film to each bookcase shelf (to protect books from wood off-gassing and acid) and put the shelves back into the cases. Someone with excellent penmanship will be needed to write call numbers on book slips as well.
Other jobs will come to light as the collection processing begins. Any volunteer with previous library experience could be especially valuable, but anyone with time and an interest in helping can let Linda know. She can be contacted at lpatton@fsu.edu.

You might want to check out her website at booksforhikers.com.


Angry Bird Trail Story

          When I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail I did it in sandals and hiked with a banjo. The banjo was given the name Uncle Sam. My trail name could have been the detective, officer, cow whisperer or something along the lines of hillbilly banjo hippie creep but I stuck with Angry Bird because the people I ended up hiking with already knew me from the Appalachian Trail. I also had some very cool bird experiences where I was convinced that they had planned to attempt to kill me once again. Here is one great bird story I have...

          August 16th, 2014: That morning I had hiked a detour from Oldenburg Lake Trail to Crescent Lake, and then I took the White Fish Creek Trail to Odell Lake. Then at Windigo Pass (trail mile 1882.9 in Oregon) I had taken a seat on a log to break for lunch. As I was eating my lunch I noticed a high volume of chip monk activity. These chip monks were expecting me to drop food. I laughed at the thought of a thru-hiker dropping food! Then as I proceeded to eat my granola I noticed a screech??? As soon as I turned around I caught a glimpse of one of them flying away!!! A hawk had swooped down and grabbed him from right behind my left shoulder. I have heard owls catching prey in the middle of the night but finally just now saw a bird of prey in action actually catching its prey. The good news is that I was not the target this time. That made me very happy. :)


April 28th - AT Flip Flop Festival in Harpers Ferry, WV
April 29th - Ironmasters challenge trail run and hike
May 4th - Hall Of Fame Banquet
May 5th - Hall Of Fame Festival
May 7th - Road Scholar Hike
May 31st - AT Museum Program about women of the Appalachian Trail
June 2nd - AT Museum Children's Festival
June 16th - Red Run Park AT Festival in Waynesboro, PA

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