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AT Museum Volunteer Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 12

Volume 1, Issue 12 - October, 2014
brought to you by Joe Harold, Appalachian Trail Museum Manager

This will be the last issue of Volume 1.  Next month I will start on Volume 2.  I will want to include a story of the Recognition Dinner, so I probably won't publish until the 20th or so.  

This has certainly been a good year for the museum.  Some of the things we do may move slow, but they do get done and we have lots of new things planned for next season.  

I hope those of you who can make the Volunteer Recognition Dinner have RSVP'ed or will do so shortly.  It will be a great time for all.    

Newest Museum Fall Picture


Volunteer Recognition Dinner

November not only marks the end of our Museum season, it is also the time when the Museum shows its appreciation to all those who give their time and efforts to make the Museum what it is today.  On November 16th, we will gather at the Ironmasters Mansion to share stories, food and our sincere thanks to all those who have made the AT Museum the success it has become.  Those who contributed their time, blood and/or sweat should have received an invite by now.    

Most Mature Thru Hiker Summits Katahdin

Drag'n Fly and Freckles on Big K
This year I have been keeping track of a little history that is being made on the trail.  Two local gals, volunteers here at the museum, are on the trail for a Thru Hike.  Freckles, aka Carolyn Banjak and Drag'n Fly, aka Nan Reisinger have summited Katahdin and after finishing a section in Vermont they had to skip and a few places down here in PA, will be finishing their 2014 Thru Hike at the Museum on October 19th.  Drag'n Fly will be the most mature (oldest, only in years, not in heart) female Thru Hiker to complete the hike in one year.  Please join me in offering congratulations to this amazing feat.  

More Landscaping at the Museum

On October 2nd, a group of volunteers came together outside the Museum and planted some native grasses on the slope between the benches and the road.  They planted hundreds of plugs of Standing Ovation Grass, a North American native that will offer nice summer greens, blues and purples and in autumn, brilliant reds that will impress all who view it.  

Much thanks to Michele Burton, Bernie Ferrell, Georgia Freet, Jack Harbaugh, Tom Jackson and Margy Schmidt who came down and did all the digging and planting. 


Progress on the Ramp

Just a quick picture to show that the work on the ramp continues and before long, we will be starting on the second floor renovations.  Many thanks to Jack Adams and Ed Riggs (pictured) and the many others who have helped Jack during this construction.

The Ramp

Journalists Descend on the Museum

Also on October 2nd, the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau (CVVB) came by with about 25 local outdoor writers to check out the museum among other places.  They had a short talk by ATC Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Director Karen Lutz and an impromptu Q & A with two awesome Southbound Thru Hikers Walkie and Talkie.  The questions they were asked were great and the answers very informative.  It was just another way the the trail provides and was very serendipitous.  

Karen Lutz describes the Museum and its function to all visitors
Walkie and Talkie answer questions

2014 ALDHA Gathering in Williamstown, MA

I attended my second Gathering last week.  This one was in Williamstown, MA on the campus of Williams College.  The fall colors were very vibrant and the view of Mt Greylock was amazing.  I spent most of the weekend manning the Museum table with Red Wolf and our Silent Auction turned Flea Market did rather well in bringing in much needed funds for our renovations.  All in all we brought in over $500 dollars in sales, memberships and donations for the museum.  Here are some pictures from the wonderful weekend.

Camping area
First Night's Reception
Hiker Trash enjoying the fire
Mt Greylock
Larry Luxenberg and Red Wolf manning the Museum Table

Frost introducing his Amazing Film, Long Start to a Journey
Night Two's Bonfire
Frosty Sunday Morning
Frozen Tarp


Things Coming Down the Trail

October 18th and 19th, 2014 - Furnace Fall Fest. Museum open 9 to 4 each day.  
October 27th, 2014 - Last Road Scholar Hike of the season.  9:30 am to 3 pm (approx)
November 2nd, 2014 - Last day to visit the Museum before it closes for the season.
November 16th, 2014 - Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Ironmasters Mansion. 4pm

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